Interview and Summer Nights Mix with DJ88- Bree DeLano

We recently got to sit down with DJ88- Bree DeLano for an interview. 

Image by Peter Suh -

Image by Peter Suh -

"Bree DeLano has been DJing for 14 years, her residences have included some of the biggest hotels & nightclubs that decorate the Las Vegas Strip. Sought-after for her exquisite tailor-made playlists, DeLano has also become a musical muse for fashion houses to high end restaurants and hotels." 

She is an absolute Bad Ass! We had a great time chatting with her about In Velvet and getting to make a "Summer Nights" mix with her. 

Here is a sneak peak of our interview: 

"In my last music post I mentioned recently stumbling upon LA based singer/songwriter/musician/production duo "In Velvet" (thanks to Jeremy Sole of KCRW) and fell madly in love with their sound. It's a sultry walk down memory lane with a contemporary edge that I haven't heard in quite this way. It's Lo-Fi, it's soulful, and heavy with mood all the things I love on the menu and there's only two releases at this point. This is actually their first interview which thrills me beyond and I couldn't be happier to formally introduce these two lovely music obsessed gentlemen." 

"Bree: When did you fall in love with music?

Izzy: For me it was hearing Stevie Wonder and Elvis in the house growing up. I started taking piano lessons at 7...I didn't want to play video games or run around outside I just wanted to play music. It's what makes me feel good and I learned early on that anything that makes me feel good is something that I want to dedicate my time to. For Dimitri it was the same thing it came from his parents love of music and constantly playing it in the house but they were more into folk 60's scene The Beatles, Crosby Stills & Nash, and old Rhythm and Blues particularly an artist named Louie Jordan and a song called "Caldonia" which he and I bonded over after Dimitri and I became friends. There were similar influences in our households, both parents were artist oriented. Dimitri actually started the same way I did, piano lessons around the same time as me."

Later, Dimitri joined the call after a meeting about a film he is working on. 

"Bree: Well the sound is definitely "Velveteen"

Dimitri: (laughs) That's funny, we definitely considered that name when we were writing this music over time we would sit and have a couple beers and throw around band names. We always liked the word velvet in reference to our sound. We're still in our infancy stages you know, still feeling it all out but we're clear on the feel of our sound. We will be dropping a new song called "Wined & Dined" soon and we are excited to see how it's received. We're really grateful that you reached out to us and that we're even doing this interview right now. We love talking to people, but we're glad that you're the first interview."